D13 The new era is coming, are you ready?

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In the past few decades, under the influence of globalization and the rapid spread of information

The concept of a job to retirement seems to have become a historical relic

For companies or employees, long-term fixed positions will only decrease

On the contrary, short-term cooperation will significantly increase the number of jobs based on the project.

Compared with the previous employment relationship, the future will be more inclined to cooperate with each other

Everyone will become a company and build themselves into a brand

The company will choose the right people to cooperate

When everyone becomes a personal brand

You are the boss, you need to be fully responsible for your work

Things to consider and skills needed

Being a corporate employee will be completely different from you

Facing the changes in the new era, how should we equip ourselves?

1. Cross-field learning

Cross-field learning is not just learning within your company or your industry but learning across sectors. This industry should have nothing to do with your occupation. The boundaries of all types of work in the industrial world will not be so evident in the future. Companies are no longer pursuing professionals who only understand a single technology, and those who can combine different technologies and experiences can bring maximum benefits to the company.

The industry also needs to develop new comprehensive skills continuously, such as online digital design with offline product sales, health care products with the insurance industry for extensive sales, and other recent sales models. There may be opportunities for integration or cooperation between each sector. If you can understand the characteristics of different industries and wander in between, you will become the talent needed by the company.

2. Cultivate problem-solving skills

Whether you start your own company or work in a company, the ability to solve problems will be the skill that determines life and death. In the ever-changing generation of information, it will not take more than ten or two decades to transform an industry as in the past. In particular, driven by the Internet, industry turnover will only become faster and faster.

The industry needs to transform, and it will inevitably face a series of problems, and often these changes have no way to go. Without the experience of predecessors, you can only resolve each crisis through your problem-solving ability.

It’s time to make some breakthroughs and follow a few small steps every day to change your life.

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3. Possess good marketing and communication skills

Regardless of whether you need to contact sales in your job today, please be sure to cultivate your communication skills. In the business world, no matter what industry you are in, you ultimately need to profit from the sale of goods or services. Without good sales and communication skills, you cannot bring any revenue to the company.

Marketing is not only about selling products, but more importantly, letting customers understand your brand, fall in love with your products, and establish a long-term relationship with your company.

Whether you like it or not, the world is already turning

And it changes at a speed faster than you can imagine

If you don’t be eliminated by the world, you must start to enrich yourself now

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