D14 What’s near cinnabar goes red, and what’s next to ink turns black

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Our life is short and time is limited, why not spend your precious time on worthy people, and abandon the relationship that should be cut bravely

When people live to a certain age, they will always accumulate different relationships in their lives. Some of them is you can’t choose, some are your own clinging to hold on to.

When you are young, you feel that the more friends the better, as if your value is determined by the number of your friend list.

But have you ever wondered if all the relationships in your life are actually good for you? Or are they just dragging your life down?

Things gather in likeness, and people are divided into groups; what’s near cinnabar goes red, and what’s next to ink turns black.

I believe that everyone is familiar with this sentence

But do you really understand what it means?

Whether it's friends, relatives, or family, the people around you are part of the construction of your life circle. Whether you agree or not, they are changing your attitude, values, personality, and behavior invisibly.

If you find the following three types of people appear in your life circle, I suggest you should bravely abandon the relationship

1. People with degenerate moral values

Be able to learn from each other in moral cultivation and academic pursuits,

Point out your mistakes and give you a kind reminder and those who help you improve your shortcomings, can make your life improve;

Conversely, people with degenerate moral values, unconsciously, people will lose their bottom line as human beings,

Not only can you not be a companion on the road of life, more chances to get you into trouble in your life.

2. Someone who makes you feel inferior

People who are really good for you and hope you have improved will cheer you on and encourage you at the right time, make you feel hopeful;

If you are in a relationship which counterparty only suppresses you, make your self-confidence feel low,

Then you should take a good look at this relationship,

If it goes on like this, it will only derail your life or lead to some extreme behaviors.

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3. “Garbage people ”

The so-called garbage people are those who are full of negative emotions

At the same time, people with extremely poor emotional management, with the accumulation of emotional garbage in their hearts,

Garbage people would not choose to deal with them properly, on the contrary, they will dump these negative emotions on the people around them, vent on other people.

The human heart is like a sponge, when you often have to bear other people’s emotions and have no way to vent, one day you yourself will fall too.

Life is short and time is limited, why not spend your precious time on someone who deserves it

The relationship that should be cut is bravely cut, the person who should give up has the courage to leave him

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