D15 You know what? 90% of the things you worry about won’t happen

90% of the things you worry about won’t happen

Have you ever worried about something that you can not sure whether it will happen or not?

I remember when I was a kid, I used to get nervous every time I receive my report card.

I worry every day that I will fail the exam

I’m worried that if I fail the exam, I’ll be relegated

Then I will not be able to go to college

If I can’t go to college, I can’t find a good job then I will be broke

Without income, I will not able to buy a flat for myself

Without a shelter then I’ll end up sleeping on the street and die pathetically

Don’t be scared, you read it right

This is an image made up by a primary school student on his own

Seems funny and exaggerated but this is me

I’ve had a bad habit growing up with me

When I started my first job after graduating

I met many peoples, experienced a different lifestyle

And I released the impermanence of life

I learn to care more about the present moment of my life than my imagination

The biggest change for me while growing up was changing two improper thinking modes

1. Improper Thinking Mode — Fearing Things

I like to think about the consequences very seriously

In the past, I will list all possibilities then think about the impact of each outcome.

Each effect in turn has a different result

A single event like this can lead to thousands of outcomes and concerns

This excessive worry keeps me stuck in a place where I can never get out

Imagination is infinite, all results are only through my imagination

Live with these fears every day became my greatest fear

Sometimes I suddenly think of a solution

But it will soon be overshadowed by a new set of worries

The more I think, the more I fear, the more I fear, the more I think

It’s become infernal hell for me

These worries not only affect my mental health

In the end, it also affects my body

It’s time to make some breakthroughs and follow a few small steps every day to change your life.

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2. The Second Mode of Improper Thinking — “Should Be”

I don’t know if it’s because of my childhood or personality.

There has always been a lot of “should” in my life

It doesn’t matter if its someone else’s expectation of me or my own “should”

When things don’t go as I think

I get restless, anxious, and even angry

A lot of thoughts come to mind

This is how it should be, not how it is now

But there are many uncontrollable variables in life.

No matter how much you plan ahead

Life is often not as expected

This change is not caused by a specific event

On the contrary, it is more like a change due to the increase in age and experience.

Of course, I still have things to worry about

Also, think about the consequences of things

But now I’ll accept that everything goes its way

It can’t be controlled by people

My responsibility is to do the best I can

Don’t worry about the unknown

Better to live in the moment

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