D16 It’s not scary to be blocked, but it’s terrifying that you can’t figure a way out

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How will you choose to overcome the difficulties?

There are always ups and downs in life

Sometimes it goes well, sometimes it goes bumpy

What you think is a crisis could be an opportunity for others

The point is not what these difficulties are

The most important thing is how you look at them

The story shared today seems like a cliché

But when you savor it, you may have another new experience

She was born in an ordinary well-off family

Studying, getting married, and having children are all successfully completed in the first half of her life

After getting married, she no longer works and focuses on taking care of the children at home

At that time, she often discussed with her husband about traveling the world after their children grew up

At that time she felt that the rest of her life should be very peaceful

Unfortunately, when she was 35 years old

We can’t help wondering why it’s so difficult to live happily when we grow up? Has God left me so that I no longer deserve to be happy? Have I lost the ability to be happy?

This book will help you find your happiness through a series of sharing and exercises.

Her husband passed away due to overwork

All that was left for her was an unpaid house payment and three children

At that time her in-laws advised her to leave the children in their care

As it’s hard to survive with kids as a single mum

The best way is to find another man to get married

Don’t know if it was the courage that came from her, but she refused

35 years old is not too old to say old, but it definitely not young

It is even more difficult to re-enter the workplace without a job after marriage

Employers think she is inexperienced and has to take care of children

So most of her interviews fail

Before getting married, she was working as a marketing planner

At that time, the company was reluctant to hire her as a regular employee.

In order to take care of her children, she decided to pick up some projects and do them at home

At first, she took on cases that others were unwilling to take.

Big companies feel that these cases are too small to accept

Small companies also feel that the profits are too low and the customers are troublesome, so they are reluctant to accept

At that time, she was not well-known and had no team.

Sometimes customers know she’s a freelancer

They will bargain the price and ask for various discounts and make various requirements.

Even so, she does her very best to complete the project

Later, she began to be slightly famous in the industry

Started her own company with her partners, hired its own team

Start finding a balance between work and childcare

When everything starts to go its way

Fate played a joke on her again

Not only was she diagnosed with breast cancer

The partners of the company also use legal means to appropriate the company for them

The years that followed were followed by endless lawsuits and chemotherapy

Her children who were studying abroad at that time never knew the situation

She knows things can’t go any further so she confessed everything to them

They decide to return and accompany his mother to fight this tough battle

Although the lawsuit loses in the end and there is no way to get it back,

Fortunately, she was successfully cured of cancer

During her recuperation time, she sold the house in the city and returned to the countryside to live.

This house is not the same as before, it has a big courtyard

After every meal, she likes to make tea and chat with her children in the garden

She vacated a field and planted many different flowers

Started teaching children how to make pottery

Once after a meal, her children asked

Why don’t you seem to give up at all after what had happened over the years

She said: “It’s not that I haven’t thought about giving up.

It’s just that I choose to look at these things in a different mood

My life is like climbing a mountain

The first half of my life was on a smooth road

In the second half of my life, I kept walking between the mountain roads

Sometimes there are boulders in front of you

I choose to stop for a while to see the scenery find a new way

Sometimes it rains suddenly and hard to move forward

Then I will look for a place as a shelter from the rain

After all, the rain will stop one day

Try to enjoy it before it stops

You can’t choose when hurdles come

But you can choose how to face it

You’ll find a way if you want.”

Mountains do not move, but you can always choose another route

Difficulties come every day

What matters is how you face it

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