D18 Everyone is a gifted student on their own track

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“Everyone has a problem in his heart, and he is very gifted in that problem.”

Are you a victorious group in your life who has been hanging all the way or someone who has never enjoyed the taste of success?

In this generation, competition grows with you from birth to death
The world will set a lot of different standards for you, and let you work hard for a lifetime to complete

There is only one runway in your world
Someone’s equipment is only a pair of shoes
But on the flip side, someone might be equipped with a car

You may have complained about why you only have one pair of shoes
But have you ever thought that this track might not be for you at all?
Hope these tips can bring you a little light today

1. Find your runway

Everyone is born with different talents
Some people may be better at drawing, some may be better at arithmetic
But it doesn’t mean that people with poor arithmetic are inferior.
Different talents play different roles in different places
Like you can’t ask for a chef who doesn’t understand music can play a good song for you
But he can cook a delicious meal for you

Work hard on a runway that’s not yours
It’s as difficult as going against the wind on a typhoon day
No matter how much gear you add to yourself
In the end, it will only get twice the result with half the effort, in vain

You might ask, what if I don’t have a particularly obvious talent?
I will answer, then go find it
Even a seed needs to fall in the right place to produce the most beautiful flower
No one is born proficient at everything
Even geniuses need to be acquired through hard work and persistence in order to perform at their best
It doesn’t matter if you don’t discover your talent right now
You keep looking until you find your own piece of the sky

We can’t help wondering why it’s so difficult to live happily when we grow up? Has God left me so that I no longer deserve to be happy? Have I lost the ability to be happy?

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2. Concentrate on your runway and let go of the standards the world has given you

Different people will give you different standards in life
They’ll tell you just follow these standards and you’ll be happy
But please think about whether these are the real pursuits of your life.
Or are you just trying to cater to others?
Only you can define your life pursuit and have the right to criticize
Other people’s opinions are just noise to you
Everyone’s pursuit of life is different
Some people may spend their whole lives in pursuit of fame and power
Some people may just want to live a normal life
There is nothing wrong or right, it’s just that everyone’s pursuit is different

When you know the path you belong to, just move towards the goal
There may be many people who will object along the way
But follow your heart and make choices that make you happy

Live in changing times, whether you are a child, an adult, or the elderly
The whole society preaches a kind of successism
If you don’t meet the standards set by society
You’re a social loser who doesn’t deserve love

Especially in Asia, it is more important not to lose face than to live happily
But have you ever seriously thought about why your life should be lived in the eyes of others?

It doesn’t matter if you are happy or not?
Or today is the time to reflect on your life



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