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I don’t know if you have seen the Disney animation “Insideout”

There are five anthropomorphic emotions in the mind of Riley Andersen, including Sadness, Joy, Anger, Disgust and Fear , the protagonist of the story

They affect Riley’s behavior and memory through a console in her brain

And these memories are stored in colored crystal balls

The five most important happy core memories are stored in the headquarters hub

Each maintains an island of personality that shapes Riley’s character and maintains balance for Riley’s emotions

But one day, her happy core memory was lost and Wally started to have emotional problems.

We have been taught for a long time to think optimistically and not to have negative emotions

Whether it is anger, anxiety, or fear, it is best to deal with it by yourself and not show it in front of others

But humans are not plants, it is normal to have emotions

Negative emotions are actually our brain’s distress signal

Remind us that we need to pay more attention to our body and mind

But when we try to transform or hide our emotions for a long time

In the end, the pressure will only build-up

Not only affects mental health but also causes physical problems

But how should we deal with these negative emotions?

Here are some of my tips

1. When negative emotions come, face them, don’t run away

There are more or less emotional problems in modern life

There is no good emotion or bad emotion, it all depends on how you view and deal with them

Everyone reacts differently

The emotions you think are bad can be good for others

When you find out that you feel bad emotions come to visit you

Don’t run away, but respond to it directly

Eliminate this emotion in the bud, don’t let it spread

You can then do a review for yourself to understand why the emotion is present in the moment

Take a simple example

When you are scolded by your boss at work, you are very angry and want to lose your temper

At this time, you can try to shift your attention to other things first

But remember it’s not for you not to face your anger

But at that moment, don’t be carried away by a moment of anger and make yourself do something you regret

When you are calm, first examine why you are feeling angry

Is it because you are not convinced? Is it because you are in a bad mood? Or other reasons?

When you know the root cause, think carefully about whether these emotions can be avoided

How to better handle anger in the future

When you feel angry, you can choose to leave the scene first

Have a cup of tea, have a snack or simply take a deep breath to calm yourself down first

After the anger has passed, examine yourself and adjust your mood

It is a pity that in the process of growing up, we continue to experience frustrations, falling into the abyss again and again to suffer pain, and sometimes even losing the strength to stand up again.

We can’t help wondering why it’s so difficult to live happily when we grow up? Has God left me so that I no longer deserve to be happy? Have I lost the ability to be happy?

This book will help you find your happiness through a series of sharing and exercises.


2. Repair your mood through self-reflection

Introspection is a very important way of self-healing

By ruminating and asking yourself questions

Not only can you understand yourself, but you can also calm down your mind

One of the methods that I think is the most effective during the period is to keep a journal

A psychologist did a study

Ask the experimenter to stick to 15 minutes a day for 4 consecutive days

Write down your most painful experiences anonymously

Anxiety levels rose when they recorded painful experiences for 4 days, study finds

But by day 6 their anxiety levels started to drop or even lower than the original level of anxiety

then remain stable for a long time

In the process of remembering the day, in addition to giving you the opportunity to rearrange the context of things

It also allows you to vent out the emotions that you had time to express in the future.

Journaling is a way to calm your mind

No matter what mood you were in when you started journaling

When you are writing, you will slowly calm down

Finally, events can be analyzed in a more objective way

By keeping things that affect your emotions in the green

In addition to calming the mood

more through continuous reflection

Modify the way you deal with the same emotions in the future

Here are some tips for writing a journal:

First, the diary content can be divided into 3 parts

1. Describe a distressing experience

In this part, you only need to briefly and objectively describe the behavior of yourself and others at that time, without adding too much personal emotion

2. How do you feel about this painful experience?

In this section, you can describe your feelings in detail about the events above, even if they were triggered by past experiences, even if you write them down

3. Analyze the above feelings

After writing this part of the diary, your mood should have calmed down. At this time, please try to analyze your emotions from the perspective of a bystander to understand why such emotions occur and how these emotions affect you.

  • *If you have doubts about how to start writing a diary, I have prepared some basic templates and guide topics to make it easier for you to master. If you are interested, please leave a message and let me know, and I will pass the template to you.

3. Manage interpersonal relationships

Relationships are the most complex and inevitable part of life

No matter what job you do, wherever there are people you need to manage relationships

If you don’t handle your emotions properly, it will affect your life one after another.

How to reduce the influence of emotions due to external factors must first improve personal cultivation

We do not have the ability to change the external environment

We can only control how our heart sees the world

Improve personal self-cultivation, so that you will not only focus on one side of things

Sometimes seeing things from another angle

You may find that the truth is not as bad as you think

In addition, it is very important to distinguish

Are people attacking unreasonably or just wanting to sincerely point out your faults and hope you can improve?

Everyone does not want to be blamed, but if others are just kindly reminded, they should accept it humbly

4. Learn to think differently

The road of life will not always be a clear road

There will be mountains and valleys along the way

You cannot change the external environment

You can only control how your heart sees these things

When we encounter difficulties, we often wonder why this happened to us

But if you can change your mind and think about it

Tell yourself if you can make it through

You don’t have to be afraid of this level of wind and rain anymore

Maybe you have the strength to go on

The structure of the human brain is amazing

When you keep sending negative signals

Your body will naturally respond

On the contrary, if you don’t give a good cheer for your own spirit

You will be more motivated to face problems

**If you want to see an inspirational story to add a little strength to yourself, you can refer to this article

No matter how your day is, I hope today’s sharing can give you a little strength to go on bravely.

If you are interested in knowing more about this sharing, you can take a look at the following materials, they all help me a lot

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