D21 Not only your life is important

“16-year-old girl is unmarried and pregnant, giving birth under the stairs”

“Obese boy committed suicide because of unsuccessful courtship”

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the above titles

In this fast-food generation, what we pursue is to absorb information quickly

After reading a short title, we immediately make various verdicts

“16-year-old girl is unmarried and pregnant, it must be a girl who is inappropriate”

“Being pregnant before getting married must be miserable”

“If you are fat, you should work hard to lose weight. Who will like it if you don’t work hard?”

“It’s just that the courtship failed, it’s too weak to not commit suicide.”

Maybe forwarded to other groups for further discussion

Become a topic of conversation between you and your friends after dinner

I don’t know if these are your points of view

Have these words been said in your mouth or thought in your heart?

Those who say this may have two mentalities

The first is probably because it didn’t happen to them

They can’t feel the pain of others

They just judge other people’s lives simply as bystanders.

The second may be that they feel they are nobler than others

These things will not happen to me, my morals and will are better than others

So they have the right to judge other people’s lives

But whatever the state of mind, the most important thing is that they lack empathy

Empathy and compassion

Empathy and compassion are two concepts that are often misunderstood by the world

Nursing scholar Teresa Wiseman once proposed 4 behaviors of empathy

Including accepting the opinions of others, avoiding giving judgments,

Recognize other people’s emotions and communicate them deeply.

Empathetic people will choose to put themselves in the client’s situation without criticizing or accusing

Instead, they accompany the client with him,

Let the client know that he is not alone in facing the world

But people who only have “sympathy” are completely different

They tend to stand on high ground to see the plight of others

Typical manifestations include when other people express their feelings to them

Not only will they have more opinions on the situation of others, but they will also immediately deny the other person’s feelings.

For example, they will often say: “Actually, you are already very lucky”, “There are many people in the world who are worse than you”

“It’s not right for you to handle things like this.” “At least you still have life.”

They don’t care about the client’s feelings, they just want to express some opinions to show that he is not an indifferent person

Sometimes we may not want to hurt other people

But unknowingly our actions can hurt people who are depressed

What we have to do as chaperones is not to always express our opinions and try to provide solutions

Instead, what we need to do is to carefully understand the needs of the other party.

If the other party wants to confide in your sadness

Please open your ears and listen carefully

If the other party just wants to have someone by his side quietly

Just keep your mouth shut and stay by your side to give support

Let them know that they are not alone in the world

Remember you are not the leader or the other person’s boss

Unless they want your opinion, otherwise redundant comments and guidance are completely unnecessary

Your empathy is more important than anything else in any situation

It didn’t happen to you or your loved ones

It doesn’t feel like it hurts to you

But as a human being, why can’t you be nice to the things around you?

Even if you don’t lend a helping hand, you don’t want to sprinkle salt on someone else’s wound

Everyone is willing to take one more step and give a little more love

The world could be a better place

No matter how your day is, I hope today’s article can bring you a little inspiration.

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