D23 Do you want to exchange life?

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“If only I could exchange identities with rich people”

“If I was born rich, I wouldn’t have to work so hard”

“I’d rather cry on a luxury car instead of laughing on a bike”

Have any of the above words ever crossed your mind?

In this material age, it is easy for people to have an illusion

Think that as long as you have the money you can spend freely

Life will naturally be happy as if all troubles will disappear with it

But I never really thought about what really makes me happy.

I don’t know if you have tried this when you were young

Working hard to save pocket money

Then take it and buy your own

The moment you buy it, it’s as happy as you get the whole world

But after a while, you’ll have something else in your heart that you want to buy

So you work hard to save money to satisfy your desires

This process keeps recurring in your life

When you were a child, a sharp pencil case may have been enough for you

As you grow up your desires become bigger

What you want is no longer a sharp pen case, it may be a famous brand bag, a famous car

As people grow older, their desires also grow bigger and bigger

We’ve forgotten that it’s these substances that make us happy

Or the satisfaction of finally reaching our goal after saving money hard makes us throbbing

When we were young, it was easy for us to be happy. A can of soda and a beautiful book have made us enjoy ourselves for a long time.

It is a pity that in the process of growing up, we continue to experience frustrations, falling into the abyss again and again to suffer pain, and sometimes even losing the strength to stand up again.

We can’t help wondering why it’s so difficult to live happily when we grow up? Has God left me so that I no longer deserve to be happy? Have I lost the ability to be happy?

This book will help you find your happiness through a series of sharing and exercises.

We often can only see the bright side of others

Everything shared on the internet is so beautiful

It’s not who changed the brand-name bag, it’s who went abroad to travel

But who cares about what each of them has to face behind these scenes

No matter how rich you are in life, the problems you have to face always have to be faced

Some people may have family problems, some people may face health issues, and some people are facing a financial crisis

No matter how rich people are, they also have to face birth, old age, sickness and death, sadness, and disappointment.

Every moment in life is a choice, and the idea of ​​having more money is never wrong

What are you willing to sacrifice in exchange for what you are free

But you have to figure out what is most important in your life

Don’t find out in the end that what you’ve been pursuing in your life is nothing but emptiness

Instead, the precious people and things are ignored

To survive in this world, with plenty of money, you can indeed live more comfortably

But these should never be placed above physical health and spiritual happiness

Happiness is a kind of joy that comes from the heart, not caused by any material

It doesn’t happen by imitating someone else’s life

In your life, only you can make decisions. What you choose is the source of your happiness, not the right to give your happiness to others.
No one can tell you what the best life is

But you have the ability to choose how you want to live your life

Even if the process may be different from the standards of this world

But there is nothing happier than finding your true self

What if the world is not compatible with you

As long as you love yourself from the bottom of your heart, that’s enough

No matter how your day is, I hope today’s article can bring you a little inspiration.

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