D9 Be grateful even if you are not willing, and then say goodbye properly

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Life is like a marathon.

There are high mountains and low valleys along the way

Some road sections will be accompanied by fellow travelers

Some road sections can only be faced by you alone

Hope the story shared today will inspire you

She grew up in a broken family

Mom and dad divorced when she was young

Dad worked in the field for many years

She was raised by grandparents in the country

When she was young, her best playmate was a dog

Grandparents and puppies became her best companions in childhood

When she was in middle school, she met two of her best girlfriends

They both agreed to buy a house after graduating from university
and live together forever

At that time, she felt that life was so beautiful

All the people she loves are by her side

After graduating from high school, she was the only one who successfully get into the university.

One of her best friends stayed in the country to get married and have children

The other one decided to go to leave their home town

When they parted, everyone promised would meet and contact frequently

Even if they live in different places, the friendship will remain unchanged

At that time, she really believed that it was just another place of life

The relationship will continue to be the same as before

After the semester started, she began to join different clubs

Work part-time to earn living expenses and start dating

In the beginning, she and her girlfriends would talk on the phone every day

Then once a week, and then once a month

Eventually, there is no contact anymore

After graduating from university, she found a job in the city

Before leaving, she went back to her hometown

Visit her grandparents and clean up the old house

Going back to the old house, the puppy was gone

Grandpa and grandma are also getting a lot older

Before leaving her hometown

She was full of expectations for her future life

There is no dissatisfaction at all

Living in a brutal city for six years

Grandpa and grandma passed away one after another

Promoted from low-level staff to junior supervisor

She dare not to take annual leave, go to work on time every day

But never tried to leave work on time

She has seen all the life states in the workplace

Tasted the ups and downs of the big city

Her boyfriend comes around and goes around

There are not many sincere friends around

She doesn’t know who can complain to when she is tired

She seems to be the only one left in the world

Finally, she decided to give herself a long vacation to clear her mind

During this period, she chose a temple to live

Life in the temple is simple and plain

One day she asked her master: “Why is my life so lonely as if everyone is leaving me?”

The master asked her, “Have you seen a rainbow?”

She said: “Yes.”

The master said: “People you meet in life are like rainbows that you cannot control, but you can cherish the time you spend with them when they appear.

The long or short time with people is not the most important.

What is crucial is all your experiences in the process of getting along.

When you get together, you will cherish it, and even if one day you will be separated, you will not leave any regrets.”

We will experience many separations in our lives.

Some are for a while, some are for a lifetime

Learn how to say goodbye

No regrets even if separated

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